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Nicole Wallace - Founder

Nicole Wallace
Founder, Creative Director

Socially Active Media ([email protected]) provides marketing + design services to entrepreneurs, organizations, and corporations. Launching businesses for more than 10 years, our team uses the latest digital marketing, web design, and graphic design techniques to drive the success of your new or established business.

A little history…

[email protected] is a division of Express Your Essence (eYe), a marketing consultancy founded by Nicole Wallace in 2006. At that time, entrepreneurship was becoming more attainable, but people still didn’t know how to market their business effectively. Nicole’s vision, to provide affordable marketing services to entrepreneurs who were not only passionate about their business, but also wanted to learn how to be successful “expressing their essence”, became a reality when eYe launched.

Expanded in 2013, eYe now provides a comprehensive suite of services via Socially Active Media (digital marketing + design) and eYe Consulting (strategic marketing). Our clients include big and small companies, from the self-employed to global government contractors.

Creativity in Motion | Here you’ll find passion and innovation at work.

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Be A Visionary

Being able to see “beyond” the big picture is something we’re proud of. The growth of your business is only limited by your imagination. But that’s okay…we have plenty!

Be A Motivator

Running a business is hard. Waiting for your expected marketing ROI is even harder. Goal planning and open communication keeps you motivated and focused.

Be An Innovator

We strive daily to stay up-to-date on the most innovative and effective digital marketing and design trends per industry. It drives our creativity and keeps us up late at night…

Be An Educator

We don’t just do the work and walk away. Our clients are encouraged to understand their business better by receiving free website maintenance and digital marketing training.

Winning Starts With Beginning

It’s never too late to START or GROW your business.

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